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Who's Who in VPAA


                 VPAA Steering Committee Members

Richard St Amant - President
Retired engineer. Active in soliciting support for performing arts theater for The Villages for several years.  Serves as technical sound expert for several performing arts groups.
William Bolash CPA - Treasurer
Jean Corley-Wix - Vice President
Retired health care and business executive.  Villages resident for eight years.  Avid patron of performing arts.  Interest in performing arts theater for The Villages comes from a patron's perspective.
Tom Bender - Consultant
Newspaper editor, speech writer, professor and head of MBA communication program, VP-marketing for communication consulting firm, novelist (he hopes).  Villages resident eight years.  Loves theater. 
Joan Knapton - Public Relations
Retired hospital administrator in Wisconsin.  Current performer and public relations co-ordinator for several performing arts groups within The Villages.  Sits on the board of directors for The Villages Musical Company. 
Jim Krum - Member at Large  
Thirty five
years in entertainment field.  Including TV productions (WGN-TV Chicago), Music Publishing and Record Promotion, Personal Management and Booking Agent, ASCAP member. 
Kim Krum - Assistant Treasurer  
Retired accounting and property manager for Prestige Holdings.  The majority of her experience was as staff accountant for two different accounting firms.   Was also involved in the entertainment field for several years.
Barbara Reynolds - Technical Support
Retired international banking computer consultant.  Patron of the arts.  Enthusiastic fan of good barbershop singing.
Cherie Stubbs - Member at large
Retired healthcare administrator.  Villages resident for eight years; current President of Way Way Way Off Broadway (WWWOB) Players.  Active in several performing arts venues.