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Welcome to Our Site

In 2003 the Performing Arts Alliance was formed by a group who were interested in enhancing the performing arts within The Villages.  Their goal was to obtain a state-of-the-art performing arts center (PAC) that would provide a facility for showcasing the talents of The Villages’ performers in a comfortable environment for all patrons. 

In 2006 our name was changed to the Villagers Performing Arts Alliance (VPAA) and we had several more people join the steering committee.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:
 •  To promote the arts for The Villages and surrounding communities by providing artistic, cultural, educational, civic, social and entertainment opportunities;
 •  To provide a state-of-the-art facility whereby patrons can enjoy such opportunities in comfortable and handicap-friendly surroundings;
 •  To provide a venue for the residents of The Villages and surrounding communities to share their talents and skills as both performers and educators;
 •  To provide an opportunity to introduce cultural, technical, and artistic components of performing arts into the curriculum of students from surrounding communities.


After eight months of VPAA efforts, we are at a critical point of going public with our strategy for success.   All legal and organizational aspects for ensuring a successful organizational effort are either in place or will be in place in the very near future.

Consultation with experts for seeking non-profit status, developing our strategic plan, and implementing a fund-raising program has produced a viable approach to reaching the goal of our mission.  The administrative, managerial and technical expertise of the VPAA Steering Committee members has proven invaluable in our efforts.

Weekly Steering Committee meetings are held, frequent e-mail correspondence takes place, and guests are invited to advise and assist us.  Many talented residents of The Villages have joined us in this effort.   We seek even more individuals who would like to be involved in this worthwhile project of helping us "bring the dream to reality".

Please consult this web site for updates on our plans and our progress.

Thank you for your interest.

The VPAA Steering Committee.