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About Us


Capital Campaign Questions and Answers



Q : What is the purpose of the VPAA campaign?
A: To build and maintain a performing arts center for the betterment and enjoyment of The Villages and surrounding community; along with providing a venue for the vast array of talented local performing artists, such as actors, singers, musicians, and dancers.
Q: What type of facility is envisioned?
A: We envision a multi-theater facility, with the largest being a unique community theater that can seat approximately 1200. The second theater would seat approximately 350; and the third one is proposed to be a Black Box/mulipurpose theater that seats 100-140.  The two larger theaters will have comfortable theater type seating on raked (inclined) floors.  Seats will be staggered for unobstructed view with no seat more than twenty five rows from the stage. These two larger theaters will have the ability to open into one large facility that could be utilized for traveling performers requiring 1500-1600 seats.   State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems will complete the package.  
Q: Why is a new Performing Arts Center needed?
A: As baby boomers retire the projected population growth of Central Florida over the next five years is staggering.  With such growth comes improved socio-economics, as evidenced by cost of housing in recent years.  Just as these illustrate a compelling need to provide state-of-the-art recreation facilities so must we address the comfort, safety, and accessibility for theater seniors.
Q: Who will manage and maintain this facility?
A: Once completed the VPAA will hire an Executive Director and appropriate staff to manage the building, programs, and the scheduling.  An endowment will be established for funding initial years, with ongoing grants combined with program income and fund raising providing sustaining funding.
Q: What will be the educational impact for residents and the schools?
A: Educators are convinced that a performing arts center will provide greater exposure to the arts and educational opportunities for our senior population, as well as provide enhanced cultural exposure for local school students, through jointly sponsored programs and activities.
Q: How will such a facility be built?
A: The VPAA envisions a three year fund raising campaign to raise appropriate capital and operational funds for the facility.
Q: If I make a pledge to the campaign do I have to pay the full amount at one time?
A: No. Pledges may be paid out over the three years anticipated to make this dream come true.
Q: Will commemorative opportunities be available? Can gifts other than cash be given?
A: Yes, a list of commemorative opportunities will be available. Securities, real property, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, and gifts by will are all examples of other types of gifts.
Q: Is my gift tax deductible?
A: Yes, all gifts are tax deductible. Please consult your attorney or tax consultant for advice.

Q: Are there matching gift programs available that enable my gift to attract additional money to the campaign?
A:  Yes, matching grant opportunities are being pursued.



Additional questions may be directed to our email address


You are invited to be a part of the arts here in The Villages making us truly “The Entertainment Capital of the South.” 

         Together we can make the dream a reality